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SonicWall Solutions for Network Protection

SonicWall Internet security appliances are built on deep packet inspection engine technology, the most effective way to protect network access. Deep packet inspection technology scans against multiple application types and protocols, ensuring your network is protected from both internal and external attacks and application vulnerabilities. SonicWall's deep packet inspection engine scales to protect all users, regardless of file size or the amount of traffic and, by working at the application layer, SonicWall's deep packet inspection protects against hidden application vulnerabilities that may be inadvertently letting attackers in through an unknown back door. This enterprise class technology is designed into every SonicWall Internet security appliance.

Multi-layered security

Complete network protection requires a comprehensive security system. Starting with the SonicWall TZ or NSa Series as the first line of defense, SonicWall lets you create a multi-layered security environment that includes content security management, to protect against content-based Internet threats; SSL VPN appliances, for secure, remote access; SonicWall Backup & Recovery solutions for automatic, real-time data backup; and SonicWall Email Security for the ultimate in protection against email-based threats.

The final component of complete network protection is the management and reporting component. SonicWall's Global Management System (GMS) lets you manage a few or thousands of SonicWall appliances, including remote VPN nodes and wireless connections, from a central location; and our ViewPoint reporting software gives you insight into the status of your network in real time.

Network protection works at both the gateway and desktop level. SonicWall's Gateway Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and Intrusion Prevention Service provides real-time network protection against a wide array of threats. This provides not only protection against external attacks, but internal ones as well.

Unified Threat Management

SonicWall appliances are built around Unified Threat Management (UTM), which provides intelligent, real-time network protection against both application-layer and content-based attacks. UTM, the fastest growing segment in the security appliance market, combines multiple security features onto a single hardware platform—increasingly an absolute necessity in the ever-complex security front. SonicWall's intelligent UTM platform, which includes layers for e-mail protection, content filtering, threat protection, and application control, is the ultimate network security problem-solver. This advanced security not only brings the network the best in security protection, but also reduces complexity and cost of ownership.


Network protection is also more recently built on legislative mandates and compliance requirements. And while compliance may be complicated, ultimately, it simplifies the network security process by imposing an infrastructure of uniformity. SonicWall security appliances, delivering the most robust security available, are often used by corporations as part of their compliance initiatives. Besides the robust security itself, SonicWall's superior reporting solutions make compliance reporting that much easer.