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Wireless Network Manager Products
Cloud-Based Unified Dashboard for Management of Access Points (APs) and Switches


Wireless Network Manager


Scalable for any size organization, SonicWall Wireless Network Manager (WNM) is an intuitive, centralized wireless and switching network management system. It delivers rich analytics, powerful features and easy onboarding from a single pane of glass.

Its cloud-based infrastructure simplifies access, control and troubleshooting by unifying multiple tenants, locations and zones. WNM supports thousands of SonicWave APs and SonicWall Switches, without the cost of complex overlay management systems.


  • Supports private pre-shared keys (PPSK)
  • SAML authentication
  • DHCP fingerprinting
  • Content Filtering Service support
  • Integrated management of SonicWave APs and SonicWall Switches
  • Unified visibility and control via cloud-based singlepane-of-glass dashboard
  • Seamless integration with Capture Security Center
  • Unified policy configuration for wired and wireless network
  • Zero-Touch Deployment for rapid onboarding and provisioning
  • Automatic firmware and security updates
  • Real-time, rich data analytics
  • Detailed reporting, logs and alerts
  • Reliable operation, cloud stability and security
  • Powerful network topology mapping
  • Integrated advanced site survey tool
  • Intuitive interface
  • Lower TCO



This flexible solution manages small site locations to large networks with multiple tenants, locations and zones so you can scale at your own pace.


Simplified cloud management and easy Zero-Touch Deployment allow you to enjoy reduced complexity without costly overlay management systems or IT personnel.


Set unified policy for your wired and wireless network and gain rich analytics and insights on your network.


With centralized visibility and control (including automated monitoring and reporting), you can manage network deployment and performance 24/7.


Single-Pane-of-Glass Management

WNM lets you easily manage global networks from a single pane of glass. An integrated part of the SonicWall Capture Security Center ecosystem, its intuitive dashboard offers unified visibility and control. Network hierarchy allows you to view single policies created at the tenant level that are pushed down to various locations and zones. Drill down on managed devices for granular data. WNM is highly scalable, from a single site to global enterprise networks with tens of thousands of managed devices supporting multiple tenants.

DHCP Fingerprinting

With the proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in today’s workplace, network administrators are challenged with dynamically detecting and identifying these devices to ensure they’re compliant. DHCP fingerprinting is a technique for identity verification that allows devices to be tracked and, most importantly, blocks those that are not allowed.

Content Filtering Service

Keeping your network protected from malware, viruses and infections is critically important. Content Filtering Service (CFS) does just that by inspecting web page access and taking action when a threat is detected. CFS provides administrators with the tools to create and apply policies that allow or deny access to sites based on individual or group identity, or by time of day, for over 56 predefined categories.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Conducting a wireless site survey before deploying access points can help ensure performance and productivity. WNM’s WiFi Planner tool helps you strategically deploy access points to optimize Wi-Fi user experience and avoid costly mistakes. WiFi Planner analyzes placement, building materials, power, signal strength, channel width and radio bands. This lets you optimize coverage in new or existing networks using the fewest number of APs. Auto-channel assignment prevents interference. WNM’s Topology tool provides network topology maps and managed device statistics.

Lower TCO

Cloud-based WNM drives down total cost of ownership (TCO) by shifting capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operating expense (OPEX). WNM cuts out the cost and maintenance of redundant hardware-based controllers and optimizes data center rack space. Its intuitive interface reduces training and administrative overhead costs.

Pre-Shared Key

Private pre-shared keys (PPSK) are an important tool for protecting networks. Each one consists of a long, random series of combined numbers and letters that is generated when a device joins a network. Because each client device has its own unique pre-shared key, PPSK is an effective way to secure a guest network or to deactivate an individual’s access to the network when the individual leaves an organization. PPSK allows for easier use and management of the network, compatibility for legacy clients, and support for different VLANs

SAML Authentication Support

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a way to authenticate data between parties, particularly between an identity provider and a service provider. It allows a user to access multiple web applications using a single set of login credentials. In short, SAML is a way to tell external applications that a user is who they say they are. This single sign-on results in a better user experience and can also result in improved security, because the identity provider – not the service provider – is responsible for storing user credentials.

Reliable Operation

WNM delivers the stability and reliability of the cloud. In case an internet outage, access points and switches can continue to work without WNM, ensuring business continuity. Two-factor authentication and packet encryption heighten security, while automatic firmware and security updates keep managed devices up to date. WNM allows admins to selectively apply production, beta or patch firmware on each managed device as needed, and enables automatic sending of reports to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Zero-Touch Deployment

With Zero-Touch Deployment, your SonicWall APs and switches are up and running in minutes. And you can register and onboard them from anywhere with the SonicExpress app.


Download the Wireless Network Manager Datasheet (PDF).

Wireless Network Manager Products

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