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SonicWall Solutions for Business Needs Secure Mobility
Keep workers productive and secure anywhere—on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Ultra-mobile laptops, PDAs and smartphones have become more cost-effective, and overtaken the predominant business role of traditional desktops. With expanding WiFi and 3G cellular networks, high-speed coverage is everywhere. Work is done from home PCs, third-party partner or customer networks or public access kiosks in airports, hotels and cafs. While mobility has many advantages, it also exposes networks to malware and regulatory compliance.

SonicWall lets you stay competitive while keeping secure. SonicWall Mobility Solutions provide organizations of all sizes with secure mobile and wireless device access that integrates with SonicWall TZ, NSa and E-Class NSa network security appliances to extend high-performance Unified Threat Management protection to mobile, remote and wireless environments.


Armed with state of the art consumer mobile devices, employees today demand that IT allow them to select their own laptops, smartphones and tablets and support them whether they are working in the office or remotely. Some organizations are even providing platform allowances for employees to purchase their own devices. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has been fueled by the dramatic growth and adoption of mobile platforms such as Apple iOS and Google Android, which have become a critical component of business infrastructure. While increasing flexibility and productivity, this BYOD trend introduces a host of new security challenges for IT.

SonicWall Mobility solutions allow IT to embrace the BYOD trend instead of banning the use of popular devices. Solutions such as SonicWall Secure Remote Access (SRA), E-Class SRA, SonicWall® Mobile Connect™ and Clean VPN™ offer a powerful and simple-to-use security and policy compliance approach that enhances the security management of mobile device networks.

Secure mobile devices.

SonicWall Mobility solutions deliver policy-enforced remote access to network resources from a multitude of mobile device platforms, including Apple Mac OS®, iOS, Google Android® and Windows Mobile devices. The SonicWall® Mobile Connect™ unified client app for iOS provides Apple iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® users full network-level access to corporate, academic or other organizational resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections to provide confidentiality and data integrity for users outside of the corporate network when they are traveling and using hot spots.

Secure laptops.

SonicWall Mobility solutions provide flexible and secure remote access for laptops. SonicWall Aventail Connect delivers “in-office” experience, enabling full access to network resources from laptops running Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. SonicWall Aventail® WorkPlace is well suited for unmanaged laptops, offering clientless, portal-based access, as well as authentication, encryption and authorization. SonicWall Aventail Advanced End Point Control™ (EPC™) adds endpoint interrogation, cache control, and an encrypted virtual desktop environment.

Keep remote access simple.

Simple, fast, easy-to-use VPN connectivity is essential to ensure secure and private communications when connecting through uncontrolled WiFi hot spots. SonicWall Mobility solutions enhance productivity and business continuity with full-featured, easy-to-manage, clientless or thin-client “in-office” connectivity to network resources over WiFi and 3G/4G.

Mobile application intelligence and control.

Mobile devices can be conduits for malware to enter networks either inadvertently or intentionally. They can also consume volumes of bandwidth through the use of social media, YouTube®, Netflix® streaming and other bandwidth-intensive applications. Administrators need to be able to control any application used on their network, regardless of device type, when the user is connected to the corporate office.

SonicWall Clean VPN.

SonicWall is the only provider that solves the challenges of access, security and control with one integrated solution that combines SonicWall Clean VPN™ and Application Intelligence and Control. When SonicWall SSL VPN solutions are deployed with a SonicWall firewall, SonicWall Clean VPN scans tunneled traffic to block malware from the mobile communications as a conduit into the network. SonicWall Application Intelligence and Control can allow increased bandwidth for critical applications, while limiting bandwidth for unimportant or unacceptable traffic. SonicWall Clean VPN™ delivers the critical dual protection of SSL VPN and high-performance Next-Generation Firewall necessary to secure both VPN access and traffic. The multi-layered protection of Clean VPN enables organizations to decrypt and scan for malware on all authorized SSL VPN traffic before it enters the network environment.

SonicWall Clean Wireless.

SonicWall Clean Wireless delivers secure, simple and cost-effective distributed wireless networking by integrating universal 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless features with a SonicWall firewall for deep packet inspection, application control and content filtering. SonicWall Clean 3G/4G delivers the same level of protection over cellular wireless networks. When users connect over the internal WiFi network.