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SonicWall Use Cases
Purpose-built SonicWall Solutions

Security Designed for Real-World Applications

Deployment-Ready Solutions for Your Specific Use Cases

SonicWall solutions are designed to fit the needs of your organization, whether it’s securing SaaS applications, enabling mobile and global workforce, or extending security into hybrid and multi-cloud environments. At the same time, our solutions lower TCO and ease deployment with cost-effective zero-touch provisioning, secure Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and seamless API-based cloud security.

Secure SD-WAN

  • Lower costs by replacing expensive MPLS connections with cost-effective broadband options such as Ethernet, DSL and 3G/4G
  • Automatically steer business-critical applications over highly available links
  • Ease branch office onboarding and deployment with zero-touch configuration
  • Secure connectivity between locations using AES encryption standards

Office 365 Security

  • Protect email, data and user credentials in your Office 365 ecosystem
  • Scan inbound, outbound and internal Office 365 email
  • Prevent unauthorized file uploads and sharing on SharePoint Online and OneDrive
  • Deliver a seamless user experience for access from any device and location

SaaS Security

  • Gain discovery, visibility and control of cloud application usage
  • Prevent sensitive data uploads and unauthorized data sharing
  • Stop ransomware and zero-day malware propagation via the cloud
  • Enforce regulatory compliance in your SaaS environments

Secure SD-Branch

  • Boundless cybersecurity for your entire SonicWall network ecosystem
  • Create high-performance WANs using low-cost Internet access
  • Gather deep insights on your network from cross-product traffic visibility with actionable analytics
  • Improve operational agility, easily pass compliance checks and reduce operational costs
  • Save both time and money, with minimal user intervention and IT staff
  • Get centralized management across LAN, WAN and security solutions across all your branches

Secure WiFi

  • Achieve easy onboarding of access points across stores with Zero-Touch Deployment
  • Ensure reliable wireless connectivity with advanced Wave 2 capabilities that provide enhanced WiFi user experience
  • Create separate networks for employees, guests, IoT devices and machinery
  • Get real-time network analytics on rush hour traffic, customer preferences and more, leading to greater business intelligence

Zero Trust Security

  • Continuously monitor user and device behaviors, with enforcement applied during each login, or after a set period
  • ZTA removes excessive implicit trust. Users can only access what is needed to do their job, and nothing more, no over-privileged users are allowed
  • Increase productivity through diverse device support for various mobile devices and agent-less browser access from any public devices
  • Support easy-to-configure access policies; One single policy manages users, devices, applications, data and networks
  • ZTA stringent verification is based on user credentials, access time and device compliance to allow fast, simple access to business applications and data.